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The Faulty Fandangle

In 2009 Synccine created the Motion Control engineering for Anthony Lucas's  installation - "The Faulty Fandangle".


Commissioned by the Australian Centre for the Moving Image the project combines live robotics and animation and is housed in the specially created ‘Cabinet of Anthony Lucas’ on permanent exhibit at Federation Square in Melbourne.


Synccine supplied a 21 axis model mover and custom built controller system hard wired into the installation.


Inside the cabinet 13 Tracks of live robotics control mechanized airships and synchronize with the fantastical animated film of The Faulty Fandangle. A viewer peers into a porthole to see live robotics timed and aligned in a multi-plane stage of silhouette animation. Part silent movie part mechanique marvel, this installation is like a show from the gilded age of arcade entertainments.


In a future that never was, a Fandangle Repairman from outer Gothia endeavors to fix technology gone wild, but finds a surprising spanner in the works. Is the machinery serving people or are people serving the machinery?


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