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Cine Digital Video Recorder

The Cine DVR is designed to give Film makers the instant feedback they need to make cost saving decisions on Feature,& Commercial Sets. Variable Speed Simulation with Screentime Calculations and the ability to access Hundreds of takes within seconds to save precious time onset. Simple Navigation via onscreen menu using the Push Button Jog Shuttle Controller, makes the learning curve easy and within a few minutes anyone will be able to find their way about the system. The Cine DVR records in Quicktime .MOV files so you can either plug in via the USB 2.0 Plug(Optional) or use the removable hard drive and connect it to your PC or Mac Computer (With either a USB/Firewire Cable) to view and edit with any Commercial Software. By using multiple units you can have a Multicam shoot with control from the “Master unit” Giving you the ability to playback in Sync ALL cameras. Optional features like the Chase Lock for Motion Control and the Vision Mixer help Visual Effects task easier to complete.

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