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Synccine TRIPOD DOLLY MoCo Rig


This is a light weight Synccine MoCo system with a  tripod and dolly that can be mounted to fit on custom built Synccine track or adjusted to fit on standard PRECISION studio track.


As in other Synccine MoCo rigs, it can be controlled by Synccine software or Kuper Control Software or DRAGONFRAME Stop Mo software.


Using the Synccine Jog Box, the rigs can be remotely controlled .With digital repeatable move.


The Synccine Digital Video Recorder can also be slaved to the Moco rig. Using the DVR's inbuilt video mixer a previous rig shot can be mixed with a live shot and displayed  synchronized during the move. Helpful for line up and timing.


6 Axis of movement - Pan, Tilt, Track,Focus, Iris, Zoom.


It can operate on 12 Volt for shooting on location where no power is available. One person can carry and set up.


For purchase or rental.

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