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Synccine SMART MoCo Rig

SMART - Stop Motion Automated Robotic Track - was engineered specially as a stop motion MoCo system to film natural history subjects.


The unit shown here was designed and built for the NZ Natrual History Unit. This simple MoCo rig allowed for 2 Axis of movement as a Track with either Pan or Tilt.  It includes a remote Camera trigger.


Originally the Track was designed for only a Pan axis mounting, but the supplied  metal "L" bracket meant that the mechanism could be varied to allow for a Tilt axis instead.


It was also designed to suit DSLR cameras and to be quick, light and easily stowed in a car for travel to remote locations.


The Built in Controller allows:

Jog to Track/Pan to start positions.

SET jog to end position of Track/Pan.

SET move time

GO TO start

SET frame interval (typically single frame)

RUN controller triggered camera and set START of move.


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