Synccine SMART MoCo Rig

SMART - Stop Motion Automated Robotic Track - was engineered specially as a stop motion MoCo system to film natural history subjects.


The unit shown here was designed and built for the NZ Natrual History Unit. This simple MoCo rig allowed for 2 Axis of movement as a Track with either Pan or Tilt.  It includes a remote Camera trigger.


Originally the Track was designed for only a Pan axis mounting, but the supplied  metal "L" bracket meant that the mechanism could be varied to allow for a Tilt axis instead.


It was also designed to suit DSLR cameras and to be quick, light and easily stowed in a car for travel to remote locations.


The Built in Controller allows:

Jog to Track/Pan to start positions.

SET jog to end position of Track/Pan.

SET move time

GO TO start

SET frame interval (typically single frame)

RUN controller triggered camera and set START of move.


Synccine Motion Control systems are designed and engineered as cost effective, light weight solutions for both DSLR cameras and heavier duty motion picture cameras.


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