This lightweight MC rig can carry the weight of a 435 ARRI camera

This system uses the same Track as the Synccine SMART MoCo Rig but is engineered with a heavier duty Pan/ Tilt head and has 6 Axis of control.


This 6 Axis Head is adjustable to translate easily from the lighter DSLR cameras to the heavier ARRI Alexa/RED professional cameras. 

The Lens nodal point is adjustable to suit the different camera systems and sizes.


It has Track - Pan - Tilt plus 3 axis of control for Focus - Iris - Zoom. The Zoom control was originally controlled from a Kuper Control system but was later upgraded to Synccine MoCo software. 


It is designed to be quick, light and easily stowed in a car for travel to remote locations.


The Built in Controller allows:

Jog to Track/Pan to start positions.

SET jog to end position of Track/Pan.

SET move time

GO TO start

SET frame interval

RUN controller triggered camera and set START of move.


For purchase or hire.


Synccine PAR MoCo Rig - Programmable Automated Rig

Synccine Motion Control systems are designed and engineered as cost effective, light weight solutions for both DSLR cameras and heavier duty motion picture cameras.


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