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Over the last 18 months in conjunction with Steadyrig we have developed a HD SDI conversion for rigs. 

A new wiring harness with a RG179  is fitted inside the post and new HD SDI BNC connectors installed in the upper and lower  junction boxes.

The old SD video BNCs remain and can be used for SD or a tally light etc.

A number  of established operators arround the world have worked alongside us developing and beta testing the conversion. The co-operation ultimately resulted in the final design, bringing us to the point where we are now very comfortable in formally bringing it to market.

Steadicam HD SDI upgrade bottom
Steadicam HD SDI upgrade top
Steadicam HD SDI upgrade top 1

SYNCCINE offers a wide range of solutions for any tricky camera and motion control problem.  Glenn Anderson has been working to the demanding deadlines of Film and Televion for over 30 years. Synccine specializes in Electronic Design, Software and Engineering. Specialists in microcomputer, electronic and digital accessories for motion picture, video and DSLR cameras.

Steadicam HD SDI upgrade full
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