Computach CCU

The CCU is a multifunction cine camera controller with LCD video display.

All camera parameters are displayed as a text overlay on the viewfinder image. The user friendly menu driven controller gives the operator/assistant invaluable control and information about the shot, whilst the days log information can be downloaded into a PC (imported into a spreadsheet) for the productions records.
(Now with ARRI and AATON TIME CODE stamp on log.)


  • Viewfinder monitor with On Screen Display

  • Crystal locked speed control (2.000-150.000 FPS)

  • Speed Ramp with iris / shutter compensationin real time, X fps to Y fps in Z seconds

  • Single Frame /Time Lapse with Flash and capping.

  • Video, Computer Monitor Synchroniser (any refresh rate)

  • Variable speed control

  • Shutter angle control (where applicable)

  • Battery condition monitor

  • Video output + overlay for viewfinder and moniter

  • Shot Log can be downloaded to PC's and Palm Pilots for Spreadsheets, or recorded on Video Tape

  • Real time Motion Control to camera interface (Lynx, Cooper etc)

  • Heavy duty machined alloy enclosure

  • The CCU is an extremely useful addition to any film crew's equipment list

  • Ideal for specialist photography; time lapse, aerial, underwater, steadicam; with rigs, cranes and for special effects


            for Arri 535, 435, BL 4,3,2, SR 3,2,1 . Aaton 35/16. Panavision.


Synccine Motion Control systems are designed and engineered as cost effective, light weight solutions for both DSLR cameras and heavier duty motion picture cameras.


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